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Marcelo Schuchner
Our relationship with Dodero & Compañía has been growing strong for 20 consecutive years. Their constant commitment with our company, their trust, celerity, and expedited approach to operations, along with their experience and reliable consulting are some of the features that stand out. No hidden fees.

Marcelo Schuchner
President - Grupo Roma S.A.

Oscar Saal
Dodero & Compañía supports our foreign trade operations with their excellent services. They have always been by our side since our first operations a long time ago.
Their staff is unique; throughout the years, we have built up a stable relationship based on trust and professionalism.

Oscar Saal
Managing Partner - ACO Zippers S.R.L.

Mario D'Avola
Our company depends 100% on foreign trade and relying on an excellent customs broker is critical and strategic to our operation.

Dodero & Compañía complies with all these requirements and they provide comprehensive and dynamic consulting services; not to mention the trust and honesty in all their decision-making processes

Mario D'Avola
Managing Partner - Gestión Energética Automotriz SRL

Eduardo De Coulon
We have been working with Luis Dodero and his team for more than 20 years. We appreciate the trust and transparency of our relationship. They deal with celerity and speed through operations that, at times, are hard to handle. These features are the unequivocal result of their vast experience and flawless work.

Eduardo De Coulon
Director - Ingeniería De Coulon

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We have gained our vast experience by helping clients with:


  • Industrial plants
  • Temporary imports of raw materials/commodities
  • Personal adornment pieces
  • Finished products
  • Miscellaneous supplies and raw materials/commodities
  • Small and large machinery
  • Spare parts in general
  • Yarns and fabrics
  • Communications technology
  • Agrochemical products
  • Tools


  • Plastic products (bottles, toys, kitchenware, etc.)
  • Personal adornment pieces
  • Veterinary products
  • Beverages
  • Booster pumps


  • Certificate of Temporary Imports (CTIT)
  • International moves
  • Authorization processing
  • Used production lines
  • Large investment projects
  • Used capital assets
  • Temporary imports
  • Staggered deliveries
  • Tariff classifications
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